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Do I Need a Web Site

If you have wondered if, or why, you should have a web site, let us give some reasons why a web site will help your business.

It will enhance your overall customer service.

You can refer calls for Teachers, Movers, and allied Repair Technicians to your web site allowing your customers access to list instead of your looking up multiple numbers and dictating over the phone.

Refer to your web site on your answering machine for pricing inquiries if you choose to post your service pricing.

Refer to your web site on your answering machine for Teacher, Mover, and allied Repair Technician referrals saving you a call back to answer the questions.

Generate extra income with the Piano Accessories ecommerce plugin. When a customer asks about caster cups, benches, or polish you can take care of it right then and there. Most piano owners have internet accress.

Your can refer your clients to your web site if they would like to get more information on tuning, regulation, climate control, and so forth.

You will add an additional complement to your professionalism.

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