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Web Site Design Warning

There are a number of Web Design Sevices that allow you to design your own web site online. While you can usually get pretty good results with these services, there is one major pitfall in going this route.

In most cases, these services design a site that is very difficult to move. This is probably intentional as these services want to lock you into using, and paying for, their web hosting services.

At Sierra Software Services, we believe that you control the content and design of your web site and should be able to move your site to any web server in the world at any time you feel compelled to do so. While we value you as a customer, we would never employ a marketing tactic like this. Our free template is completely portable and if you choose to move to a different vendor down the road you may take it with you. We'll even help you if you need help.

On a final note, there are web sites that will sell you design templates and we feel that purchasing a template is fine as you, or your web design person, would mofify it to your specifications but still have complete control of where you wish to host the site.

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