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Piano Accessories eCommerce Plugins

We now have three Piano Accessories ecommerce plugins. (see Sample Sites)

Our Piano Accessories ecommerce plugins contain almost the entire Jansen Piano Accessories catalog, the GRK Manufacturing catalog, and the Dannenfelser String Covers as three fully implemented online ordering systems. You can view these systems by going to the RPT sample web site. In the future we plan to add additional products as plugins.

These plugins can be configured for payment by check* or wired to your PayPal ($40.00 one time setup) or other merchant accounts. Additional setup charges may apply for "other" merchant accounts.

There is no charge for these plugins if you purchase our web site hosting services. These plugins are also available "a la carte" for and annual fee of $36.00 to PTG members and $48.00 for non-PTG members.

Prices are updated on the same schedule that Jansen, GRK, and Dannenfelser update their price lists. These price updates will be available at no additional charge and we will upload the updated pages for you.

For users who cannot accept credit card payments, the plugin is initially structured with a payment page that instructs the user to mail a check payable to the technician.  This is fine if you are primarily selling to your customers. However, a PayPal account is free and we will help you get setup for PayPal credit card processing.

For users who sign up for our merchant account services (or already have one of their own), the plugin can be structured to accept payments online in real time.

By Check or real time Credit Card Processing?

There are actually pros and cons to ether method. Payment by check may be preferable if a technician only wants to sell accessories to their own clients by referral while within the home or on the phone. This is because John Q. Public is unlikely to order online if they have to mail a check.

Accepting credit card payments with the Piano Accessories allows potential sales from anyone who happens to visit your site as well as clients who like to use credit cards for air miles or accounting reasons. I would caution users to contact non client customers with higher amount orders like benches to reduce any possibility of returns.

Also processing credit card orders mandates a level of responsibility based on the fact that one has accepted payment and is obligated to process the order or issue refunds once an item has been verified as returned.

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