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Ordering PTIC Services

Ordering Options: (Note: Processed through our www.goptools.com web site)

Order Domain Name ($15.00) only and bill me for hosting options later

Order Domain Name and Standard Free Website: $15.00 + $84.00 = $99.00 per year

Request that we Contact You to go over your your web site needs

You can also call to order Web Site Hosting:

Before ordering PTIC hosting services and your ready made website you should do at least the first item listed below. The estimated preparation time for this is probably about one hour. Or, you can just order a site and we'll have your site up within 24 hrs. with "this page is being revised" for the pages that need the below , step 2, information. You can then provide this information at your leasure. There will be no charges to upload your information at a later date.

1] Research and decide on a domain name. Have at least a 1st choice and alternate 2nd choice in case your 1st should not be available at time of registration. This does happen once in a while. It is NOT a good idea to blindly go to Domain Registration sites to check for availability as these sites have been known to temporarily reserve the names of queries forcing you to purchase through them at their pricing. You can use our domain search by clicking here. We do NOT use any such tactics.

Note: You can complete step 2 after we have you up and running.
2] Prepare a text or word document of your Referral information: Piano Teachers, Movers and Refinishers, Player and Digital, and Other referrals. Also, the default Web site includes an "About Us" (that means you) page so a few paragraphs of your qualifications/history would be beneficial. Tip: The "About Us" text should probably be written as: "Jack Flange entered the Piano Technology field in 1986" as opposed to "I started in 1986". Also, the referrals and "About Us" pages will appear as "being revised" until we upload your information.

Questions? Contact Tremaine Parsons at Sierra Software Services: 530-333-1369

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