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PTIC Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure that I want a web site based on a ready made template. Will the fact that other technicians have a site that looks like mine detract?

While a custom designed site may be the optimum for you in the long run, consider what difference having a straight forward ready made site will actually make. Piano Tuning is a geographically local enterprise and you will be referring your customers (or potential customers) to your site for reference. It is of little consequence that some other technician may have a site that looks the same. Even if two technicians within the same service area used the same Web site template it would probably be of little consequence. As of 04/01/2009 there are three technicians in the Sacramento area using the free template and non of us care that we look like each other.

How much storage space comes with the Standard Commercial Grade hosting account?

The short answer is "as much as you need within reason". Many hosting companies advertise huge numbers and unlimited email addresses as a marketing tool (bigger must be better). Most users never come close to needing these amounts. PTIC will provision new commercial accounts with 25 megabytes of space and anyone who needs more space need only request more space. We are encouraging a cooperative effort where users use what they need. The sample technician websites require about 1 megabyte of server space and the ecommerce plugin currently requires about 2.5 megabytes. This leaves more than 20 megabytes for email accounts and additional content.

How much technical support do you provide

We will provide a reasonable amount of support. Our pricing is steeply discounted for PTG members and our markup is modest. We will answer any questions you have and work to resolve any problems. At the same time we will encourage you to work in the spirit of cooperation. We will make occasional updates to your site at no charge and will make custom changes for a modest fee.

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