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Economy Web Hosting Accounts

The Ecomomy plan is offered with much reluctance because a standard commercial grade hosting account is really the best way to go in the long term for the following reasons:

The actual web site address of an economy plan would be www.ptic.org/username which means that as time passes and search engines pick up / index the Web site it becomes "married" to the www.ptic.org/ prefix. A move to different servers in the future would render all current search engine indexing obsolete.

Registering a domain name and pointing to www.ptic.org/username diminishes the problem of a future server move because the domain name can be set to point to a new server. However, any search engine indexing will still be tied to the www.ptic.org/ prefix.

A domain name that points does solve the problem of biz cards and letterheads because as long as you control the domain name you can point it, and at least one email address, anywhere.

With a standard commercial grade account, all Web site pages, email addresses, and search engine indexing are tied directly to the domain name www.uourdomain.ext/page1_etc. Any future move to different servers or hosting companies will be totally transparent to the outside world.

Actually, your internet service providor may offer you web site hosting space free. However, this scenario presents the same limitations as described above as well as other likely limitations. While we are on the subject, your current ISP would probably like you to use your "free" space, get established and search engine indexed. This way, you will be less likely to move to a less expensive providor.

If you can't justify the extra cost of a standard commecial grade account we still believe that a PTIC Economy account is better than your ISP's "free" account for the following reasons:

The scheduling page will work "as is" without custom changes required by your ISP

We know the details of our hosting environment and can advise regarding special requests such as mailing lists or other special scripts.

If you should choose move on down the road, we will keep a forwarding page for you at no extra cost. Imagine asking your current ISP to do that.

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